Flour Water Salt Time

We use only the finest ingredients but as a bakery we are not just about good ingredients. Everything is made very slowly over two days ensuring the best possible flavour, excellent digestibility and superior shelf-life.

Slowly fermented breads

We are quality driven bakery – we love to bake, eat and talk about bread and croissants all day everyday.

At the heart of all our breads are four simple ingredients – flour, water, salt and time.

Time is the key to our product, we believe fermenting our doughs over a very long period allows for maximum flavour, crumb, crust and shelf-life.

All our breads and viennoiserie are made by hand

We work with only the very best ingredients from small artisan producers similar to ourselves.

We are a wholesale business only, we do not have shops or do markets or classes or anything else, we are solely focused on our clients 365 days of the year.