We construct our sourdoughs over a three day process, this insures the very best possible flavour. None are particularly sour or acidic, our intention is simply to keep the fermentation very slow and highlight the flavour of the grain rather than the starter culture itself.

Milk & Honey – gentle and creamy sourdough made with whole milk, New Zealand Honey and our sourdough starter.

Hertfordshire – traditional wholemeal sourdough with a little sprinkling of dark rye.

Seven Seeded – our special mix of seeds with a small touch of wholemeal flour.

Retro Baguette – white sourdough baguette with a little sprinkling of dark rye


Our hybrid speciality breads are similarly slow fermented but over a two day time period rather than three to give clients flexibility with placing orders and reacting to the ebb and flow of their businesses.

Ciabatta – traditional Italian slipper loaf made with extra virgin olive oil.

Focaccia – Italian style soft dough topped with semolina, maldon salt and extra virgin olive oil.

Country – gentle rye bread.

Heavy Rye – medium rye bread.

Fruit Loaf – gentle rye bread with sultana, walnut, fig and apricot.

Olive n Rosemary – rosemary and green olives.

Walnut Loaf – granary bread with broken walnut.

Potato n Honey – soft dough made with oven roasted potatoes and New Zealand Honey.

Enriched Doughs

We also carry a selection of breads which are regarded as enriched doughs. Here the primary driver of the flavour are the added ingredients rather than the fermentation; butter, sugar, eggs, whole milk.

Pain de Mie – aka poor man’s brioche made with butter, sugar, milk, eggs.

Brioche – made with lots of butter, sugar, milk, eggs.


We produce our viennoiserie from scratch using a fermented overnight dough and butter from the British Isles. We build up the classic 27 layers of butter in our doughs over the course of the day and then cut and shape everything by hand. This is a highly skilled process and generally our bakers require two years on the job training to master the process and understand how everything moves through the different seasons.


Pain au Chocolat

Almond Croissant

Almond Pain au Chocolat

Pain au Raisin/Sultana

Apple Danish

Cherry Danish


Our sweet breads and trays complete our bakery offering. Unusual and interesting options combined with our dedication to great ingredients continues in this range.

Banana Bread – amazing served toasted with butter.

Avacado Bread – enjoy hot or cold.

Carrot Loaf – really a cake made with yogi tea.

Courgette & Thyme – sweet and spicy

Valrhona Brownie – dark, rich and intense.

Portugese Custard Tart – our version of the burnt custard tart.

FlapJacks – oats, butter, oats, butter, oats, butter!

All our products are available in different sizes and mutations, please get in touch view our full menu and discuss your requirements.

Order Information

Free delivery for orders over £30 within Central London.

Slicing is possible at a cost of 5p per loaf.

All our products may contain traces of nut/peanut, wheat/gluten, eggs, dairy, sesame.

Payment due within 5 days after invoice date to insure continuing deliveries.